Introduction: Answers to most Googled questions about overthinking

This week I will mostly be answering questions about overthinking.

I've taken the most Googled questions about the topic, and will create a post for each. If you have any additional questions, put them in the comments and I'll do my best to help.

Here are the questions I'll be covering:

👉 What does overthinking look and feel like?

👉 How does overthinking affect you?

👉 Are overthinking thoughts real/true?

👉 Where does overthinking come from?

👉 When does overthinking become a problem?

👉 Can overthinking kill you?

👉 How do you stop overthinking?

👉 Can overthinking be good?

👉 When overthinking leads to inertia, how do you tackle it?


If you're an overthinker, stay tuned.