Am I the coach for you?


Nobody would hire a coach just from reading a few social media posts.

Or even from looking at a website.

But you might after we've had an in-depth conversation for an hour or two.

Because by then, you might realise just how well suited I am to coach someone like you.

I specialise in helping overthinkers. Specifically, intelligent, empathetic and ambitious overthinkers.

Being this kind of person myself, and having coached many people with your qualities, I have a keen sense of how you might be feeling stuck and getting in your own way.

My approach emphasises your strengths. I know for a fact that your intelligence, sound understanding of people, and ambition will take you far in life. I also know that they're exactly the qualities businesses look for in leaders. I whole-heartedly believe that we need people like you performing at the top of your game in these challenging, uncertain times.

I've also seen how your strengths - your superpowers - can become your kryptonite. Your intelligence and commitment to delivering work to high standards can trigger your perfectionism. Your emotional intelligence can sometimes lead to you overthinking your relationships with coworkers and bosses. Your ambition can lead you to taking too much on, at work and home. At the end of the day, you're left with a buzzing mind and bad night's sleep. Over time, this can make you feel overwhelmed and at risk of burn out.


👉 Our work together will help you become more aware of your habitual thought and behavioural patterns, and create new ones.

👉 Our work will help you trust in life and your unique ability to make a real difference.

👉 Our work will help you feel more joy and ease. It's a natural product of overthinking less and living in the present more.

If I'm speaking to you, email to set up a conversation to find out more.

Or if you'd prefer to come along to the next free Think Less Thursday session, sign up on this site. 😀