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  • Transformative coaching for people with racing minds

    Do you tend to live in your head? Do you sometimes lie awake at night with anxious, repetitive thoughts? Do you feel you get in your own way? If so, this is for you.


    The Overthinkers' approach offers a unique way to get out of your head and into your life: a life with more aliveness, authenticity, freedom and ease. It's not about positive thinking or trying to control or change what's going on your mind. None of that works, really. Instead, it's about changing your relationship to your thinking, tuning into your body's intelligence, and shifting into a new way of being. Obviously, this isn't an instant fix. But if you're open-minded and ready to commit, you can experience transformational benefits pretty quickly.


    I'm Andrew - a coach, author, and the founder of Overthinkers Anonymous. I added 'Anonymous' to the name because I think many of you are suffering in secret. By day, you wear your professional mask. But at night, it's a different story. It's time to change all that.

  • The Overthinker's Guide to Life

    Download your free version now

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    New to Overthinkers Anonymous? Start by downloading the free version of my book, The Overthinker's Guide to Life. You'll have instant access to the first 40 pages.


    This includes:

    • Clear answers to common questions like, 'What is overthinking?', 'Why do you overthink?', and 'Is overthinking normal?'
    • Five techniques to find more headspace and make peace with your unruly mind
    • More about my story and how I've personally benefitted from the approach I'm sharing here

    Plus, you'll receive my weekly email, Think Less Thursday. It's packed with fresh insights and ways to harness your mind's true power.


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  • Buy the book

    The full colour, print edition of the book is on sale at Amazon.

    Here's the link: The Overthinker's Guide to Life


  • Coaching and Workshops

    From overthinking to fresh thinking

    For individuals


    Your thinking is your most important asset. It's how you make a living. Unfortunately, it's also what you use to stress yourself out and get in your own way. As your coach, I can help you calm your racing thoughts, overcome self-criticism and tune into fresh insight. Ultimately, this is about discovering a natural, built-in sense of okayness. You'll have the confidence to stop playing small and make a unique, authentic contribution.


    I offer bespoke one-to-one coaching and my flagship online group course: 'The Mind Detox: Declutter your thinking. Upgrade your brain. Change your life.'


    For businesses


    The performance of your business is intrinsically tied to your people's state of mind. I can help your team see the difference between healthy thinking patterns that drive growth and enhance well-being, and thinking that hinders performance, and causes stress and burn out.


    I offer one-to-one coaching for executives and leaders. I also run a workshop for teams called The Possibility Window. This is about seeing how your stale and repetitive thinking is keeping you stuck, and creating space for fresh insights and breakthroughs. The Possibility Window is designed to enhance the mental well-being and resilience of your team. It also includes opportunities for professional and personal development, celebrates your inclusive culture, and promotes diversity of thinking.


    Email me at andrew@overthinkers.co.uk for more details.



  • Testimonials

    Antony Mason

    Technical Operations Leader at GE Healthcare

    "In a year of massive change for me personally and the business as a whole, coaching with Andrew helped keep me sane.


    He supported me, challenged my mindset, and helped me develop clear insight into what I should and could be doing."

    Kenny Fox

    Research Director at

    davies & mckerr

    "I started working with Andrew when the self-critical voice in my head suddenly found a megaphone.

    Andrew made me realise that these thoughts were just that, thoughts, and gave me the tools to understand them. I'm without doubt more confident in my job and life, which I put down to working with Andrew."

    Emily Larkin

    Head of Employer Brand

    at the BBC

    "I've worked with Andrew previously as a writer and more recently as a coach. He's provided invaluable support to my overthinking mind, as I navigated a recent career transition and landed in a new role.


    I always leave the sessions with a renewed sense of calm and connection to my instincts. I would recommend to anyone who could benefit from a regular break from a busy head, in a relaxed, grounded, and entirely non-judgemental space."

  • Book a discovery call

    If you're interested in coaching, the first thing to do is arrange a free, 1-hour coaching consultation. This gives you the chance to find out more about how coaching can help you, learn about my unique approach, and to see if I'm the right coach for you.


    To set up a call, email me at andrew@overthinkers.co.uk 

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  • About me

    The official bio

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    Andrew Sewell is a highly experienced leadership & personal coach, and author of The Overthinker's Guide to Life.


    Over the last five years, he has coached clients with senior roles in organisations such as GE Healthcare, John Lewis, Havas, HSBC, Roche, Coles (the Australian supermarket), as well as a range of creative, insight and design agencies.


    Before becoming a coach, Andrew had a wide-ranging career. This included teaching English as a foreign language, scriptwriting in Hollywood, stand-up comedy, as well as many years as an advertising copywriter and creative leader.


    For Andrew, coaching is not a game of coach and client. It’s about two or more intelligent people having an honest conversation. A collaboration of equals. As a thinking partner, Andrew’s main strength is being able to help clients see beyond the blinkers of their own mind. From this new perspective, they have the chance to find their zone of peak performance and feel a greater sense of well-being in their lives.


    Qualifications include MSc Psychology (Distinction), PG Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching, BSc Health Studies, Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

  • Buy the DIGITAL version of the book

    You can buy the full colour, print version of the book on Amazon at The Overthinker's Guide to Life

    Alternatively, if you're interested in the digital PDF version, it's available here.

    The Overthinker's Guide to Life: BOOK, DIGITAL VERSION

    The Overthinker's Guide to Life: BOOK, DIGITAL VERSION

    This is a high quality, full-colour, DIGITAL version of the guide.

    Here is what you can expect:

    • A 28-day programme to help you overcome overthinking and tune into your authentic self

    • Loads of practical tools to help you find more peace of your mind, and get out of your own way

    • An invitation to combine the power of your rational mind with your awareness, intuition, and emotional intelligence

    • Insightful articles, such as 'Neuroscience's take on overthinking', 'Overthinking is a feeling problem', and 'Find your flow'

    • Experiments and games, including 'Overthinker's Bingo', 'Open a possibility window', 'Life Transformation inspired by The Beatles', and many more!
    Coming soon
  • Podcast

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    Listen to my story on the award-winning People Soup podcast.


    In this epsiode, you'll hear more about:

    • My experience of chronic overthinking and overwhelm in mid-life.
    • My work story
    • What you can expect from my book, The Overthinker's Guide to Life

    Check it out here: Overthinking with Andrew Sewell - People Soup