Your mind is like a snow globe

Are you stressing and overthinking right now? 

Here's an insight that could help you regain a sense of calm and clarity of mind.

It's called the Snow Globe.

Imagine your mind is like a snow globe.

When the snow globe is settled, the water is clear. The snowflakes are resting gently on the ground.

This is just like your mind. When your thoughts are settled, your mind is calm and clear.

You can access your innate intelligence, creativity and intuition. The next right thing to do occurs to you as it's needed.

It's like when you're in 'flow' - in the zone. You're not really aware of thinking much, you're just acting in the moment.

However, this is not what usually happens.

What we usually do is think about how much we've got on.

And then react to those thoughts by adding more thoughts!

We double down on our story of doom. Or have a go at reframing our woes. Or distract ourselves with thoughts of lunch or booze or Netflix. Or, worst of all, try to think positively!

All of this is like adding more flakes to the snow globe and shaking it up to the max.

Pretty soon, what you've got on your hands is a thought storm. You can't think or see straight.

Back in my ad land days, I called it a shitstorm. It happened a lot.

Ok, so what's the plan Stan?

The bad news is you can't control your thoughts.

But you can let them be.

Just notice them.


And then notice them some more.

As I say, your mind works like a snow globe.

It'll naturally return to its calm, clear state if you give it a chance.

And once it's settled down, you'll see fresh possibilities, creative ways to solve problems you couldn't see before.

You'll still have a to-do list.

But your day will look different.