Change your filter.

Change your world.


You live life thinking you see reality as it is. But this is never the case. 

What you actually experience is your personal version of it. 

Put simply, you see the world through a ‘you-coloured’ Instagram filter. 

You create this filter as you explore the world as a young child. It comes about as you figure out what you have to do to stay safe in the world and get your needs met.

At this stage, that’s the whole game. So, it’s job done. 

However, problems often appear when you get older. 

You see, by this time, you’re not even aware you created a filter. 

You think the way you see life is just how it is. 

But the truth is you still see many situations through your childhood eyes. 

Many parts of your filter are in desperate need of an update. 

But no one has sent you a notification to download the latest version. 

When you keep getting in your own way, it’s almost always an out-of-date filter problem. 

It’s why you feel stuck at a certain level in your career. 

It’s why you can’t stop micro-managing your team. 

It’s why you’re scared to do what’s necessary to build your business. 

It’s why in some situations you freeze, like a rabbit caught in the headlights. And in
others feel instantly at home. 

When you realise you’re seeing a certain situation through an out-of-date filter, it can
be a real moment of insight. 

The famous lightbulb comes on. 

When your whole body gets it – and not just your intellectual mind – it can feel like
you’ve been struck by lightning. 

A minute ago you were an old school Nokia. Now you’re an iPhone. 

I’m exaggerating, but only a little. 

The lasting benefit of this insight is that it gives you real hope. Whereas before
you couldn’t even see what you needed to change, now you can. 

From this fresh perspective, it’s possible to learn new behaviours to replace the old
ones that weren’t serving you. 

And from there, anything’s possible. 

It could be the most important work you ever do.