• Welcome to the Summer Book Club



    You've read 'The Overthinker's Guide to Life'.

    Now work with the author to apply the insights to your life.


  • "Reading a self-help book gives you the illusion you're changing your life for the better.

    But in reality, all you're doing lying on the couch reading a self-help book."


    Andrew Sewell, 'The Overthinker's Guide to Life'


    Have you read or are you reading 'The Overthinker's Guide to Life?'


    Do you want to make sure what you're learning doesn't go to waste?


    Would you value working directly with the author to calm your mind and change your life?


    If so, this for you.

  • Summer Book Club

    Calm your mind. Change your life.


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    The book club will meet weekly in August on Tuesdays, from 7pm-8pm. Sessions will be on the 13th, 20th and 27th.


    Here's what you can expect:


    • I'll summarise the main insights from The Overthinker's Guide's 28-day practice

    • Plenty of time for Q&A to clarify anything you're not sure about

    • Practical exercises to make peace with your busy mind

    • Quick coaching conversations with me to help you apply insights to your specific situation

    • The group will provide a sense of accountability that will motivate you to take action

    • Video replay: if you can't make a session, you'll receive a catch-up video straight to your email in-box


    A ticket for the summer book club is just £79 for all three sessions. Don't overthink it. Join the book club today.


  • Buy the digital book

    (The full colour, print version is on Amazon)

    The Overthinker's Guide to Life: DIGITAL VERSION

    The Overthinker's Guide to Life: DIGITAL VERSION

    If you haven't read the book yet. you can purchase a high quality, full-colour, DIGITAL version of the guide here. Alternatively, the print version is for sale on Amazon. Search 'Andrew Sewell'.

    Here is what you can expect:

    • A 28-day programme to help you overcome overthinking and tune into your authentic self

    • Loads of practical tools to help you find more peace of your mind, and get out of your own way

    • An invitation to combine the power of your rational mind with your awareness, intuition, and emotional intelligence

    • Insightful articles, such as 'Neuroscience's take on overthinking', 'Overthinking is a feeling problem', and 'Find your flow'

    • Experiments and games, including 'Overthinker's Bingo', 'Open a possibility window', 'Life Transformation inspired by The Beatles', and many more!]

    Coming soon