The Overthinker's Guide to Life: BOOK, PRINT VERSION

The Overthinker's Guide to Life: BOOK, PRINT VERSION

This is a high quality, full-colour, PRINT version of the guide. CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE FOR POSTAGE IN THE UK

This is a first run, limited edition. Right now, I only have 10 copies left for sale. There's a tiny typo on the spine, but that shouldn't spoil your enjoyment. For this reason the price is reduced from £12.99 to £10.99 plus packaging and postage.

Here's what you can expect:

• A 28-day programme to help you overcome overthinking and tune into your authentic self

• Loads of practical tools to help you find more peace of your mind, and get out of your own way

• An invitation to combine the power of your rational mind with your awareness, intuition, and emotional intelligence

• Insightful articles, such as 'Neuroscience's take on overthinking', 'Overthinking is a feeling problem', and 'Find your flow'

• Experiments and games, including 'Overthinker's Bingo', 'Open a possibility window', 'Life Transformation inspired by The Beatles', and many more!
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