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    Up to £700 off my new coaching programme

    How would you like to create a fresh start to your work or life in a few months' time? Act now, and you can relax and enjoy the whole summer, knowing you've committed to change in September.


    You can do this by taking advantage of the early bird offer I'm opening exclusively to readers of Think Less Thursday. The very fact that you signed for up my weekly email makes me think you're the kind of person I'd love to coach.


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  • How will you benefit?

    Right now, my one-to-one coaching practice is full. But in September, I'm launching a new, three-month programme. It's designed to help busy professionals unlock higher levels of performance, purpose, creativity and happiness. There will be just eight spaces available.

    Specifically, here are some of the things I can help you with:

    • Midlife career change
    • Making the most of your first few months in a new role
    • Becoming a powerful, authentic voice in the room
    • Launching your own business
    • Overcoming feelings of chronic stress, overwhelm and burn-out
    • Overcoming imposter syndrome and serial self-criticism
    • Deeper inner work around finding fresh meaning and purpose
    • Awakening to your true self
    • Developing healthy habits, including mindfulness, diet and exercise

  • Testimonials

    Antony Mason

    Technical Operations Leader at GE Healthcare

    "In a year of massive change for me personally and the business as a whole, coaching with Andrew helped keep me sane.


    He supported me, challenged my mindset, and helped me develop clear insight into what I should and could be doing."

    Kenny Fox

    Research Director at

    davies & mckerr

    "I started working with Andrew when the self-critical voice in my head suddenly found a megaphone.

    Andrew made me realise that these thoughts were just that, thoughts, and gave me the tools to understand them. I'm without doubt more confident in my job and life, which I put down to working with Andrew."

    Emily Larkin

    Head of Employer Brand

    at the BBC

    "I've worked with Andrew previously as a writer and more recently as a coach. He's provided invaluable support to my overthinking mind, as I navigated a recent career transition and landed in a new role.


    I always leave the sessions with a renewed sense of calm and connection to my instincts. I would recommend to anyone who could benefit from a regular break from a busy head, in a relaxed, grounded, and entirely non-judgemental space."

    Chloe Fowler

    Founder at The Nest Research

    "I started working with Andrew as I made the decision to step down from owning a successful research agency and go it alone.


    My sessions were so helpful. Andrew shifted his style to suit my needs – from coach, to mentor, to creative collaborator, to cheerleader, to kind critic. I've gone from being clueless to having a brand, a vision, a website, a strategy. Ultimately, he's helped with the thing I needed to discover the most – my story."

    Sanjay Mitra

    Corporate Partnerships Manager

    at Speech and Language UK

    "I can wholeheartedly say that I feel much better equipped to meet my work challenges, and more confident in meetings and presentations. I am now finding ways to bring more of my authentic voice to the table."

    Tom Anderson

    Managing Partner at davies & mckerr

    "After a successful, but frantic few years, and facing a major moment in my career, I got in touch with Andrew with the aim of trying to avoid burning out.


    Our conversations together were far more wide ranging. Andrew helped me reframe the way I viewed work, allowing me to identify what is actually important and re-find my excitement for the work I do.


    On top of all that, Andrew is just really sound. He's a fantastic sounding board for ideas and provides a warm, safe environment to discuss topics that might feel uncomfortable in other contexts."


  • About me

    The official bio

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    Andrew is a highly experienced leadership & personal coach, and author of The Overthinker's Guide to Life.


    Over the last five years, he has coached clients with senior roles in organisations such as GE Healthcare, John Lewis, Havas, HSBC, Roche, Coles (the Australian supermarket), as well as a range of creative, insight and design agencies.


    Before becoming a coach, Andrew had a wide-ranging career. This included teaching English as a foreign language, scriptwriting in Hollywood, stand-up comedy, as well as many years as an advertising copywriter and creative leader.


    For Andrew, coaching is not a game of coach and client. It’s about two or more intelligent people having an honest conversation. A collaboration of equals. As a thinking partner, Andrew’s main strength is being able to help clients see beyond the blinkers of their own mind. From this new perspective, they have the chance to find their zone of peak performance and feel a greater sense of well-being in their lives.


    Qualifications include MSc Psychology (Distinction), PG Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching, BSc Health Studies, Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

  • Time-limited, early bird offer

    My new one-to-one coaching programme will launch in September at two levels of investment:


    Executive: £2,999


    Professional: £1,499




    £1,499 - £500 = £999


    (Plus, a further £200 discount if you make a successful referral = £1,499 - £500 - £200 = £799)


    Secure your place with a deposit of £99



  • Interested? Book a coaching test drive


    If you're interested, the next step is arrange a one-hour coaching test drive. There's no charge for this session.


    This will give you the chance to experience my coaching, and ask any questions. It also gives me the chance to see what the chemistry is like between us. In my book, chemistry is the most important indicator of a successful coaching relationship.


    To set up a coaching test drive, email me at andrew@overthinkers.co.uk Please include a brief description of why you're interested in coaching and what you'd like to get out of it.


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    Email me